Get back on track with your dental health! Start by scheduling a free consultation.

Has it been awhile since you’ve been to the dentist? Are you avoiding making an appointment because of fear or anxiety? Or maybe you’re just embarrassed about your smile?

We’d love to offer you the gentle dental care that you need!

Many people get behind in their dental care because of fear and anxiety, which often stem from past dental visits or treatments that didn’t go well.

But putting off dental treatment usually only makes it more extensive and more expensive.

For example, a cavity that’s not filled could lead to a deeper cavity. A toothache that’s not treated could lead to a root canal. Or a filling that’s cracked could lead to a crown.

Fortunately, sedation can make dental appointments easier!

In our dental offices, we offer three different levels of sedation, and we’ve found that they’re extremely helpful for people who haven’t been to the dentist in a long time.

IV sedation is a great option for complex dental treatments and for getting a large block of work completed in a single visit. We administer IV sedation through an IV that’s attached to your arm, and you’re completely “out” for the entire appointment.

Oral sedation can be a great option for all types of dental treatment and procedures. We give you a pill to take before your dental appointment, and it makes you less aware of what’s going on. You have little or no recollection of the appointment, and an hour seems to pass by in a few minutes.

Laughing gas can be a great option, when it’s combined with Novocain, for simple dental procedures. We can also use laughing gas for dental cleanings. Also known as nitrous oxide, laughing gas will relax you, maybe even make you feel like laughing.

Which one of these types of sedation is best for you? We can talk about that in a free consultation. We’ll go over your dental and health history, and talk about the approach we can take to get you back on track!

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