Are you afraid of the dentist? We invite you to come in for a free dental consultation so that we can talk about how to make your dental visits tolerable.

Is it possible to have painless dentistry? Absolutely! Thanks to the advances in techniques and materials, dentistry, overall, is more painless than ever before.

And thanks to sedation dentistry, it can be completely painless.

The three types of sedation for dentistry are listed below, and our dental offices are some of the few in the Mesa area to offer all three types.

Nitrous Oxide
Nitrous oxide, which is also known as laughing gas, is the mildest form of sedation. It’s administered throughout your treatment, through a nosepiece. It may make you feel a little giddy, hence the name. Laughing gas can be a great help for people with anxiety and/or a fear of needles. Laughing gas can be used for cleanings, as well as other types of dental procedures. Laughing gas, in combination with Novocain, can be an excellent choice.

Oral Sedation
Oral sedation, which is also known as conscious sedation, is the mid-range sedation. It’s administered through a pill, which you take shortly before your treatment. With oral sedation, you’ll be conscious, but less aware of your surroundings. And time will seem to pass quickly.

IV Sedation
IV sedation, also known as general anesthesia, is the highest level of sedation. It can’t get any more painless than with IV sedation, because you’re completely unconscious. IV sedation is great for wisdom teeth extractions and complex dental treatments (such as implants and root canals). IV sedation is also a great choice if you want to get a large block of dental treatment completed in a single visit and/or if you suffer from severe dental anxiety.

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