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If you would like to complete a large block of dental work in a single visit, oral sedation or IV sedation can help make that happen.

In a single dental visit, you could combine some of the following dental treatments:

Why get a lot of dental treatment completed at one time? Below are some of the reasons this approach can be appealing.

Anxiety About Visiting The Dentist
If you have anxiety or fear about dental appointments, it might be easier for you to get larger chunks of work done at a time, rather than stretch the treatments out over multiple dental visits.

Trouble Getting Time Off Work
If you have trouble getting time off work during regular dental office hours, it may work better for you to take an afternoon off or a day off, and get several procedures completed at once.

Using Dental Insurance Benefits
Most dental insurance plans have a yearly cap, or maximum amount that they’ll pay out in the benefits year (which typically goes from January-December). If you don’t use those insurance benefits in any given year, they’re lost forever. If you’re nearing the end of your benefits year and still have unused insurance money, you might elect to get multiple dental treatments completed at once.

Losing Dental Insurance
If you’re switching jobs or getting laid off, and your dental insurance will be cut off, you might want to use the benefits you have before you lose them.

Smile Makeovers
If you'd like a smile makeover, which could involve multiple procedures (such as implants, crowns and bridges, and/or porcelain veneers), you might prefer to take care of several treatments in the same visit.

Moving Out Of The Area
If you plan to move out of the area, particularly to an area that might not offer quality dental care, you might want to get all of your dental health care needs taken care of at once.

Personal Preference
Some people simply prefer to get more treatments completed, in less visits.

Whatever your reasons for considering an “all-in-one” dental visit, it’s good to know that it can be an option, thanks to sedation dentistry.

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