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If you’re lucky enough to have dental insurance coverage, chances are good that you’re part of a PPO plan. PPO stands for “preferred providers” – dentists who are in network on the plan.

If a dentist is listed on a dental insurance plan as “in network,” that means the dental office has agreed to accept the coverage of the plan and the reimbursement rates for the different dental treatments and procedures.

Our dental office, which is east of Phoenix, in Mesa, is in network, as preferred providers, for some dental insurance plans.  Each office is different, so please contact us to learn more if you have one of the following providers:

If you have a PPO plan and stay in plan, by finding a dentist who is in network, generally you’ll pay the least amount of out-of-pocket expenses. Preventive services, such as dental cleanings and exams, might even be free. Your deductible and co-pays could be less, and you won’t be responsible for any extra charges above the dental plan’s pre-set rate.

On the other hand, as an example, if you go to a dentist who isn’t part of the network, who charges $100 for a procedure that an in-network dentist charges $80 for, you could be responsible for the extra $20, as well as the co-pay on the $80.

We’re one of the few dentists in the Phoenix area to offer all three types of sedation:

If you find that you have a dental insurance plan that isn’t listed above, please feel free to call our office, and we’ll be happy to help you decipher your dental insurance benefits to see if there would be any additional costs to visit our office. We can even file a “pre-determination of benefits” with your dental insurance company, so that you’ll know how much you’ll need to pay for a specific dental treatment or procedures.

For further information about in network and preferred provider dental insurance plans, please call us:

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Please Note: Our dental offices are in Mesa.