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At our dental office, we’re very pleased to offer same-day crowns, thanks to Cerec. This amazing technology allows us to make beautiful, natural-looking crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, and restorations – in one dental visit!

Crowns – The Easy Way
If you’ve ever had a crown placed, you know what a hassle it can be. Multiple trips to the dentist, goop in your mouth to make impressions for the lab, days or weeks of wearing a temporary crown. All of that’s been eliminated, thanks to Cerec. You can now have a crown or restoration placed in just one visit to the dentist, one that will look stunning, feel natural, and perform well. There’s no metal in a Cerec restoration, yet they’re strong and durable. Because the Cerec technology used to mill the dental crown or restoration is so precise, more of your healthy tooth structure is preserved.

Cerec Makes Precise Dental Restorations And Crowns In Just One Visit
Thanks to Cerec, using an infrared camera, we can take a computerized image of the tooth we’re repairing, and relying on precise computer drawings, we can create the dental restoration while you wait. A high-speed diamond bur and disk work simultaneously to mill a restoration from a solid block of porcelain. Your dental restoration or crown is completed in just one visit!

No Metal In Cerec Crowns – Just Porcelain
There’s no metal in these dental crowns, just porcelain, yet they’re as strong and durable as their unattractive metal counterparts. More healthy tooth is saved, because the Cerec technology is so exacting, meaning less likelihood of nerve damage and a need for a root canal. And the restoration or porcelain crown will match the color of your other teeth. By bonding the ceramic to the tooth, we can strengthen the tooth to 104% to 115% of its original strength.

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