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Can you drive after laughing gas? This is one of the most common questions that we get from patients who are interested in this form of sedation for dentistry.

The answer is “yes,” in most cases, and here’s why…

Also known as nitrous oxide, laughing gas is the most mild form of sedation that we offer. Laughing gas is delivered through a nosepiece that you’ll wear during your dental treatment or procedure. The gas itself is colorless, and it has a slightly sweet odor and taste.

Once we start to administer laughing gas, it typically takes effect within minutes, making you feel calm, happy, maybe even giddy. Some people giggle while they’re receiving laughing gas, hence the name.

At the end of your dental appointment, we turn off the laughing gas and switch over to oxygen, to bring you back to alertness. You should be able to drive yourself home after receiving laughing gas. But, if for some reason, you don’t feel fully alert, we recommend that you spend some time in our waiting room and/or have someone come and pick you up.

Unlike oral sedation and IV sedation, which can take hours for the effects of the sedation to clear your system, laughing gas should wear off quickly. Just to note – with oral sedation and IV sedation, you’ll definitely need someone to drive you home from your dental appointment.

Because it’s the lowest level of sedation (and the least expensive), laughing gas can be great for cleanings, as well as other types of dental treatments and procedures. We can even use laughing gas for children.

We typically administer laughing gas by itself, or in conjunction with Novocain.

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