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Nitrous oxide, which is more commonly referred to as laughing gas, is a mild form of sedation that’s been used in dental offices since the 1800s.

We administer nitrous oxide through a nosepiece, and within a few minutes, you should begin to feel the effects of it. During your procedure, we’ll monitor you and adjust the dosage of nitrous oxide up or down, as needed. When your dental treatment is completed, we switch over to 100% oxygen, and the effects of the nitrous oxide soon wear off. You should be able to drive yourself home after receiving nitrous oxide. But if you don’t feel able to do that, you can rest in our waiting room, or contact someone to pick you up.

Nitrous oxide can make you feel giddy, thus its nickname of “laughing gas.” You might feel lightheaded when you’re receiving nitrous oxide, and you could experience a tingling in your arms or legs, or your limbs might feel heavy.

Laughing gas can be extremely helpful – making the difference between a dental visit that you dread and one that you don’t mind.

Many of our patients request nitrous oxide for cleanings, and we’re happy to offer it. We can also use it for a variety of other dental treatments and procedures, typically in conjunction with Novocain.

This form of sedation isn’t designed to put you to sleep, but rather to make you feel more calm and comfortable. If you need a deeper form of sedation for dentistry, we’d recommend oral sedation or IV sedation (both of which our dental office offers).

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