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Also known as oral sedation, conscious sedation is the medium-level of sedation, higher than laughing gas, but lower than IV sedation.

What is conscious sedation? We’re often asked this question. Most people are familiar with laughing gas (also known as nitrous oxide) and IV sedation (also known as general anesthesia), but not many people have heard of conscious sedation.

Conscious sedation is administered through a pill that you take before your dental appointment. During your treatment or procedure, you’re conscious and able to respond to questions. But you won’t be fully alert. You’ll be less aware of your surroundings – including the sights, smells, and sounds – which is why conscious sedation can be extremely helpful for people who are afraid of the dentist.

Time will seem to pass quickly during your dental appointment, and afterward, you’ll likely have little or no memory of what happened, which can also be beneficial.

Because of this, oral sedation can be helpful for complex treatments (such as dental implants and wisdom teeth extractions), as well as long dental appointments.

Depending on the type of dental procedure or treatment, we’ll use conscious sedation by itself or in conjunction with Novocain (which is a numbing agent).

We can even use conscious sedation for children who are ages twelve or older.

It takes time for the effects of conscious sedation to wear off, so you won’t be able to drive yourself home from your dental appointment. You’ll need to have someone come and pick you up.

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