In a free dental consultation, we can go over the costs of each type of sedation and discuss which would be best for your situation.

When it comes to sedation dentistry options, cost is a factor for most patients.

We’re often asked, “How much does sedation cost?”

The cost of sedation will vary, depending on the type of sedation and the amount of time the dental procedure takes to complete.

We’re one of the few dental offices in the Phoenix area to offer all three types of sedation for dentistry, and we’ll be happy to go over exact costs in a free consultation.

In general, though, the information below offers a basic idea of how the different types of sedation compare to each other.

IV Sedation
IV sedation is the deepest form of sedation, and it’s the most expensive. With IV sedation, which is also known as general anesthesia, you’re completely under. The sedation is administered through an IV that’s attached to your arm, and we monitor your vital signs throughout your dental procedure. IV sedation is especially helpful for people who are extremely afraid of the dentist, or for people who need to undergo complex treatments such as wisdom teeth extractions or dental implants.

Oral Sedation
Oral sedation is a moderate form of sedation, and it’s the middle-of-the-road option. With oral sedation (also known as conscious sedation), you take a pill before your dental appointment. Soon, you’re less aware of your surroundings, and after your appointment, you’ll have little or no memory of it. Oral sedation is great if you have dental anxiety.

Nitrous Oxide
Nitrous oxide is the lowest level of sedation, and the least expensive. Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide can help you relax in the dental chair. It can be used by itself or in conjunction with Novocain. We even use laughing gas for cleanings. Nitrous oxide is administered through a nosepiece, and after your treatment is over, we give you 100% oxygen to make you alert again.

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