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Today’s variety of options for sedation in dentistry are very exciting! People often wonder how sedation is administered in dentistry.

There are three main types of sedation, all of which we offer in our dental office. Our dental offices in the Phoenix area (Mesa) are proud to provide each of the types of sedation described below.

Nitrous Oxide / Laughing Gas
Nitrous oxide is administered through a nosepiece. You inhale the gas (also known as “laughing gas”), and it makes you feel peaceful and relaxed. Laughing gas can be used for dental cleanings. It can also be used for dental treatments and procedures, when combined with Novocain.

Oral Sedation / Conscious Sedation
Oral sedation is administered through a pill that you take before your dental appointment. Also known as “conscious sedation,” oral sedation is a deeper form of sedation than laughing gas. You’ll be conscious during your appointment, but not fully alert. Time will seem to pass quickly, and after your dental appointment, you’ll have little or no memory of what transpired.

During your dental treatment or procedure, we’ll monitor your blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen levels.

The effects of oral sedation can last for hours, which means that you’ll need to have someone drive you home after your dental appointment.

IV Sedation / General Anesthesia
IV sedation is the deepest form of sedation for dentistry, and it’s administered through an IV that’s attached to your arm. The sedative goes directly into your bloodstream. Also known as “general anesthesia,” IV sedation will render you unconscious. You won’t be aware of anything that’s happening during your dental treatment or have any memory afterward.

With IV sedation, we’ll monitor your blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen levels. Because the sedative can stay in your body for hours, you’ll need to have someone drive you home after your dental appointment.

Which type of sedation is right for you? That depends on the procedure being performed, your level of dental anxiety or fear, your dental and medical history, and more.

During your free consultation, we would be happy to go over the options with you and answer any questions you might have.

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