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We love to treat children, and it’s always our goal to provide them with a positive experience. We want them to look forward to coming to the dentist (or at least not dread an appointment).

Laughing gas can be particularly useful in making children feel comfortable at the dental office, helping to allay their fears, allowing them to get the treatment they need.

Laughing gas is a mild form of sedation, which may be perfect for children who have a hard time visiting the dentist because of:

We administer laughing gas through a nosepiece, and it typically takes effect within minutes. Also known as nitrous oxide, laughing gas can help relax children, maybe even make them giggle. Laughing gas won’t make your child sleep. He or she will be awake during the procedure, able to talk and answer questions.

Once the dental visit is over, we switch to 100% oxygen, to bring children back to alertness.

We can use laughing gas for younger children, whereas we only offer oral sedation for children who are age twelve or older. And we don’t provide IV for sedation for children at all.

For further information on sedation dentistry, or to schedule a free consultation or appointment, please contact us.  We love to see children and we are happy to help your family.

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