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We love to see children, and we especially love getting children off to a good start with their dental care. If children have a positive experience at the dentist, generally, they’ll grow up to have a positive impression of dentistry throughout their lives.

We do everything we can to ensure a positive experience, from providing gentle dental care to pacing the treatment to each child’s individual needs.

For some children it can be a challenge to visit the dentist because of the following:

We're some of the few dental offices in the Phoenix area to offer sedation dentistry for children. For children of all ages, laughing gas (nitrous oxide) is an option. For children ages 12 and older, oral sedation is an option.

Laughing gas is a form of sedation that’s administered through a nosepiece, and it tends to relax children. Throughout the dental treatment, we can adjust the level of sedation up or down according to your child’s needs. And once the dental procedure is over, we administer 100% oxygen through the nosepiece, in order to bring your child back to full alertness.

Laughing gas has been used in dental offices since the 1800s, and is a safe, mild sedative.

Oral sedation is administered through a pill that your child will take before the dental appointment. With oral sedation, your child will be awake, but less aware of surroundings (including sights, smells, tastes, and sounds). Time will seem to pass quickly, and after the appointment, your child will have little or no memory of what’s transpired.

Both laughing gas and oral sedation are great options for children. At our dental office, we also offer IV sedation dentistry, but only for adults.

During a free consultation, we can discuss your child’s specific needs, dental history, and medical history, and talk about the best options.

For more information about dentistry for children, or to schedule a free consultation or appointment for your child, please contact our office nearest you.

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