We’re pleased to offer a free dental consultation.

If you have trouble getting numb, hate needles, or have had an adverse reaction to Novocain, we have great news for you…there are other options!

While Novocain has been in widespread use in dental offices for hundreds of years, it’s not for everyone. Many people who hate Novocain end up avoiding seeing the dentist altogether, which isn’t good.

If you have concerns about Novocain – for whatever reason – we invite you to come into our office for a free consultation.

We can talk through your concerns, your past experiences with Novocain, your dental health, and your overall health.

In our office, we offer three types of sedation for dentistry:

Laughing gas by itself might be enough to help you comfortably get through simple treatments such as a small filling.

Oral sedation and IV sedation, both of which are deeper forms of sedation, can be helpful for all types of treatments and procedures, including: dental implants, teeth extractions, fillings, crowns and bridges, and more.

Our goal is to make every dental visit as comfortable as possible, and your comfort is our highest priority!

If you have any questions about the alternatives to Novocain, please call:

Mesa - Modern Dentistry East Valley, near S. Stapley Dr and E. Baseline Rd., (480) 359-3827

Please Note: Our dental offices are in Mesa. We’re in network, as preferred providers for a variety of insurance companies, please call for details.