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Sedation dentistry, simply put, is the use of sedation for dental treatments and procedures.

There are 3 types of sedation available for dentistry, and our dental offices are some of the few in the Phoenix area to offer all of them.

Laughing Gas / Nitrous Oxide
Laughing gas, which is also known as nitrous oxide, is the lowest level of sedation for dentistry. It’s a gas, which we administer through a nosepiece. Many people feel giddy when they get laughing gas, thus the name. Laughing gas can be used by itself, or in conjunction with Novocain and it’s been in use in dentistry since the 1800s. We can monitor the level of nitrous oxide to ensure that you’re always comfortable.

Many of our patients who have dental anxiety opt to receive laughing gas for cleanings. When your dental treatment is over, we give you 100% oxygen to revive you, and there shouldn’t be any after effects. If, however, you feel a little out of it, we do recommend that you rest in our waiting room until you feel comfortable driving yourself home.

Oral Sedation / Conscious Sedation
Oral sedation, which is also known as conscious sedation, is the moderate level of sedation for dentistry. We give you a pill before your dental treatment or procedure begins. During your dental appointment, you’ll be conscious, but less aware of your surroundings. Time seems to fly by, and afterward, you’ll likely have little or no memory of what transpired.

Because of the lasting sedative effects of oral sedation, you’ll need to have someone drive you home from your dental appointment.

IV Sedation / General Anesthesia
IV sedation, which is also known as general anesthesia, is the deepest form of sedation for dentistry. The sedative is administered through an IV, which is attached to your arm. Throughout your dental treatment, we’ll be monitoring your vital signs. You’ll be completely unconscious and have no awareness of what’s going on and no memory of your dental appointment.

Because the general anesthesia can linger in your system for hours after your dental procedure, you’ll need to have someone drive you home after your dental appointment.

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